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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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general eric holder. >> i understand the passions and anger that arise over the death of michael brown. giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns, and even attacking the police, only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. >> flaming tensions, autopsy results from michael brown's family attorneys. >> at least six, at least six shots. could be more, but at least six. >> they claim it's a civil rights violation and police officer daryl wilson seen here, should be arrested. >> really, never as far as i recall, has the president of the united states gotten involved. >> meanwhile the national guard has moved in tasked with keeping the peace after an exceptionally violent night which saw gunshots, looting and vandalism and more turmoil this afternoon. police arresting protesters who allegedly wouldn't obey orders. the president saying he'll pursue justice but can't condone what he's seeing now.
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>> tossing molotov cocktails or looting stores. and that is a small minority of folks, and it may not even be residents of ferguson, but they are damaging the cause, they're not advancing it. >> back to the autopsy. we're waiting for the county medical examiner's report soon. the -- and a report says that it will show there was marijuana in his system. and a third order from the justice department as it conducts that separate investigation. >> thank you, scott. we're also hearing tonight for the first time what officer darren wilson says happened when he shot michael brown. we're for the first time hearing his side of the story. a person identified as a friend of his gave this account to a cnn radio station. sources confirmed that this is the same account given to the internal affairs department.
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officer wilson says he heard the report of a robbery at a convenience store, and when officer wilson confronted brown, this report claims that twice he kept officer wilson from exiting his vehicle and punched the officer and grabbing his gun. that gun went off and brown and his friend ran away. and after a brief chase brown stopped and taunted the officer, and he bow-rushed office wilson allegedly. you'll find detailed coverage of all the events in ferguson, missouri at >> meanwhile, president obama began that news conference talking about iraq and confirmed iraqi and kurdish forces reclaimed the country's largest dam from ice sil fighters -- isil fighters. there were fears terrorists would breach that dam sending a wall of water against baghdad.
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today even pope endorsed the use of force to protect religious minorities in iraq. he said the national community, not one country, should decide how to intervene. >> prince george's county police say that they know the man killed in the shootout yesterday took his own daughter's life. 3-year-old raymond miller's body was found in frederick roy miller yesterday before engaging in a shootout with police. >> manassas neighbors found 26-year-old man's body wrapped in a carpet near a dumpster yesterday morning. his name has not been released. so far police have not released any details on a possible suspect. >> the defense is now making its case in the corruption trial of
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former virginia guv norbob mcdonnell and his wife -- former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. jeff goldberg is live in richmond with more this evening. hello, jeff. >> good evening, leon. this afternoon we heard from three former cabinet secretaries that testified that governor mcdonnell never requested any state funding on behalf of jonnie williams or star scientific. one of those secretaries knows bob mcdonnell very well. started working for him in the late '90's and today painted a picture of a strong governor and unstable first lady. >> leaving court janet kelly kept her remarks short and to the point. >> i was happy to testify on behalf of the governor. he is a good man. that is it. >> kelly a long time aid and allie -- ally to the governor called him honest, gracious and
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trusting and said he never worked for her to appoint anyone associated with jonnie williams. but he had harsh criticism for maureen mcdonnell saying she would exaggerate, embellish, freak out at little things and take it out on other people. kelly adding there were concerns of mental illness. in 2012, she testified the entire staff at the mansion threatened to quit because of maureen mcdonnell's behavior but all stayed on the job. she also said the first lady was taking out her anger on the governor. "he can't do his job if he's going home and getting yelled at at night." williams telling investigators, "he was a big freaking deal within the inner circle and his relationship was very, very very friendly and kind of flirty." governor mcdonnell's defense has begun and we wait for him to take the stand. >> we started off well, and it's
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a process and look forward to the truth coming out. >> the big question is when will governor mcdonnell take the stand.  is we do not know, and likely will not know until it actually happens. but we're all anxiously waiting for that moment and when it happens, it will likely be the central moment of this trial. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> tonight a judge said she will not issue an arrest warrants for texas governor rick perry. instead the governor will receive a summons to appear in court. he will also be fingerprinted and have a mugshot taken. a grand jury indicted him on two felony charges for use of power. the governor called the charges political and vowed to fight them. he said he will continue his official duties when the case proceeds. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, a new housing trend has one community furious, but is there anything that can be done to stop it. >> an ebola clinic overrun. what's being done to try to contain this outbreak.
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>> i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. a little while ago it was cloudy outside. now it's sunny. what's up with that? what will the weather be like for the big games?
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>> there is a hunt underway in liberia for 17 possible ebola patients missing after a riot at an ebola facility there this
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weekend. they were among 37 people at that facility quarantined showing the symptoms of that deadly virus. >> a new mexico hospital as quarantined a woman showing that same symptoms. she returned from teaching in sierra sierra leone two weeks ago. >> we're taking every precaution necessary and anything that is of corn concern to the public -- concern of the public we will relay immediately. >> it is now blamed for 1,000 deaths. >> dawn jeffards spent 32 years in congress and was the only one to vote against president reagan's tax cuts in 1981. he was best known for his decision to leave the republican party in 2001 and become an independent giving control to the democrats. he left congress in 2007 citing his health concerns and those of his late wife. >> the virginia lottery brought in a record $538 million during
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the most recent fiscal year. lotto officials credit the popularity of the scratch-off tickets and a huge mega millions jackpot last year. all lottery profits goes to public schools. in maryland lotto revenue fell as more spent money at the new casinos. >> coming up abc7 news at 5:00. >> residents who live near a pop-up house in northwest washington claim the popping up at their expense and they don't like it. >> wet weather ahead. chief meteorologist doug hill breaks down when and where you're going to need to keep that umbrella handy. >> i'm horace holmes. a lot of buzz and excitement here in landover. it's monday night football here at fedex field. the players are on the field right now moving up for tonight's game. and johnny manziel, the guy they call johnny football here, what
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>> community members are banding together tonight in opposition to a trend in d.c. housing.
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>> that's buying old row houses, demolishing them and replacing them with large pop-up cond con. >> you look on the other side of the windows in this building and all you see is sky with d.c.'s booming real estate market, increasingly, developers are snapping up these single family row houses, gutting them and turning them into multiunit condos. residents around them complain nobody cares what happens to them. >> it's hard to find anyone on buchanan street who likes the idea of a pop-up house. they've seen the one on nearby shepherd street. for this 66-year-old, who has lived here 50 years it's the other side of her wall. >> unbelievable that someone can come in. >> she said she was shaken from her bed august 4 by bulldozers gutting the house next door. she showed us the fence and the
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drop-off for what's to be an additional story three unit como building squeezed between two row houses. >> this resident is livid too. >> they demolished the house. tore down everything. we don't know what the environmental impact is of what they did. we don't know if these people who did it were specialists. >> both insist they received no notice, those dcla shows certified mail receiptsvt,y stag refused. >> the bottom line is if it is permitted by the zoning regulations that becomes a matter of right. there is no weigh-in by the residents. >> and they're popping up where the zoning or historic preservation doesn't stop them, and some really stand out. for residents of buchanan street it's a fight and they have not given up yet. >> we have no rights. >> it's like the citizens who have been here, rights are being
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violated by people who are just here to make money. >> saundra lassane said she has now learned she's going to have to spend thousands of dollars to meet fire codes since this abuts her house in places the old one did not. she and other residents are having a community meeting on wednesday night at the 19t street baptist -- 19th street baptist church. >> newschopper 7 is out monitoring the traffic near landover over fedex field. parking lot is starting to fell up a bit. the redskins kick off the game against the browns at 8:00 there. that's about an hour after the first pitch for the washington nationals and arizona diamond backs game at nats park. by the way it's also $1 monday. that's a promotion that offers cheap concessions as an incentive to get fans out to the
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ball park. >> and it should be dry for both games. >> for a night like this you have to have great clicker skills. you know anyone with better clicker skills than me? >> no. >> it's going to be a good night watching sports. weather-wise we're fine. looking live from the rooftime camera, a little sunshine -- rooftop camera, a little sunshine. that will be the story until the sun sets tonightgárñ 79 in springfield. area temperatures have not moved much the past couple hours. 81 in fredericksburg, 81 in
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frederick. 82 at reagan national. it will drop to the 70's tonight. the heat and humidity is displaced well to the south and southwest of our area and the heat is building into central and southern plains. a lot of warm air here. what we're seeing down the road, another week to ten days is another push of very chilly temperatures for august that will overspread a good portion of the country. in the meantime we're stuck with the effects of a stationary front. trace it from the mid south, to the carolinas, and arches all the way up into eastern canada. the problem with these kinds of fronts this time of year with the sun still so warm, it kind of migrates back and forth. that combined with a little low pressure along the front, that will control the weather all week. trying to pinpoint the details of when it will be sunny, and cloudy, and who will get the showers. you might as well flip a coin. you will have the same success rate. we know most of the activities to the south and southeast, lower southern maryland, the bay
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and the outer banks, but the computer models suggest maybe the front will lift a bit and give a few showers early in the morning and perhaps drop back to the south during the day. and this motion continues. what we do see with pretty good agreement by the time we get through wednesday we'll see the action start to turn to the west with the development of some more noticeable shower activity that will move in here wednesday afternoon, wednesday night, and thursday, and probably a good chance of thunderstorms as well. tonight muggy, 65-72. tomorrow a chance of a shower or that you are. partly cloudy and low to mid 80's. the balance of the week, more shower or storm chances and things finally settle down friday. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> good weather hopefully means good things for the red tonight. >> hopefully. a big sports night here in d.c. and horace holmes standing by in landover with the latest. how's it look out there?
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>> great out here. a tip of the hat to doug hill. right there is former redskins quarterback rex grossman. he had a big hug from rg3 just a moment ago. the guys out on the field warming up for this game. with this being the monday night game, they kick off at 8:00. you see rg3 and other players earlier and other players arriving to work. griffin operated just a handful of plays last night. tonight the team starting tonight on offense should be the same team starting opening day. pierre garçon and deonjackson are healthy and ready to play. >> great to have everyone healthy and ready to go. really wasn't that way in training camp. one was out, the other was out, both were out. >> i think we should be fine. we have been banged up.
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but to be out there monday night showing everybody our offense. it definitely will be fun and exciting. >> it's this second preseason game for both teams, and it's just the second game as head coach jay gruden. he in essence is a rookie. so a little self-analysis, coach. >> i need to fix my game day awareness, just having a headset on, sometimes i get so focused on what's going on. i'm reading the ipad thing and looking at the plays. there's a game going on out there, i got to watch. so preseason games are equally as important for the coaches as they are for the players. >> one more shot there. we're looking at rex grossman talking to a couple redskins players. jay knows who his starting quarterback will be. it will be rg3. he's all in week 1 for rg3. but on the other side rex
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grossman won't be starting for the browns. it will be between brian hoarier and johnny manziel, the guy they call johnny football. the browns will make their decision on who their guy will be after tonight's game. but even some of the redskins are johnny football fans. >> amazing football player. you know, i heard all the hype. i don't think i watched a game his whole heisman campaign. it was the following year i got a chance to watch him, which was last year and i thought he was a hell of a football player. i was hoping he got opportunity to be a first round draft pick because i felt like he was that kind of player. >> switching gears and talking about the nats. the two games this weekend against the pittsburgh pirates. both a late-game comeback. both walk-off wins. you can see how excited the players are as they tighten their strangle hold on the national league east.
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they kick off with the diamondbacks tonight at the park. a beautiful night to watch basketball. a beautiful night to watch -- baseball, a beautiful night to watch football. you can begin to feel the excitement. it's the browns and the washington redskins. monday night football. who could ask for anything more. >> you got that right. >> we'll be right back.
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>> great weather for football and baseball. steve will have more on that tonight at 11:00. >> see you
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welcome to "world news." tonight moment of crisis in ferguson, missouri. the national guard arrives after another night of violence. a new autopsy report shows multiple wounds after a policeman shot an unarmed teenager, michael brown. double threat. our reporter therement battling control of the dam that could release a 65 foot wave of water. to the rescue. a woman and baby girl trapped in a burning car. what one truck driver did to save them while others passed by. good evening. it's good to be back with you on this monday night as we start with the fast moving


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